Devin is a law student on the island of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles and has been fascinated with technology from a very young age. Besides law he spends his time with computers, technology, gadgets, photography, writing, art, meteorology and astronomy. His photographs and artwork have won several contests in his native island of Curacao.

LG G5 BCK-5100 Charging Cradle

Devin Balentina

Every now and then a manufacturer releases an accessory that’s pure genius and you’d be surprised that in this case it’s a battery charger, the LG G5’s BC-5100...

S7 Edge Leather Cover Review

Devin Balentina

Take the Clear Cover Case for the S7 Edge, which we recently reviewed and give it a leather finish and you basically have the official Leather Cover. The use of leather...

The Dyson Humidifier AM10 Review

Devin Balentina

Take a Dyson bladeless fan and combine it with a humidifier and the result is a hybrid in the form of the new Dyson Humidifier AM10. A hybrid because it’s first and...