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KermitKermit Woodall
Managing Editor
Web Designer, Developer and professional writer covering computers and technology through the eras of Commodore 64, Amiga, Pilot 1000, iPhone and so on into the future.  When not managing GadgetNutz he might also be execising his creative side and uploading the results to his blog at kermitwoodall.com
DaveDave Crawford
He enjoys handheld gaming and tends to be an early adopter, even importing from anywhere in the world as necessary. He’s well known in many computing and gaming circles, keeps up with the latest happenings and releases in the gaming world and knows good thing when he sees it.
Senior Writer
A talented and Emmy-winning digital special effects technician by trade, Cecilia has also made her mark over the years as a writer in video editing magazines. Her CV includes HBO’s From the Earth to the Moon and SciFi Channel’s Dune and Children of Dune. She is not professionally associated with Saint Cecilia. Any resemblance is purely coincidental.
DevinDevin Balentina
International Correspondent
Devin is a law student on the island of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles and has been fascinated with technology from a very young age. Besides law he spends his time with computers, technology, gadgets, photography, writing, art, meteorology and astronomy. His photographs and artwork have won several contests in his native island of Curacao
DevinMichael Prost
Very Senior Writer
Michael Prost has always known writing would be his career from his days at Our Sisters of Mercy, where he once replaced the weekly student newspaper with an unexpurgated translation of the black mass, (which led to his expulsion and three exorcisms) through his college years (go Mole Rats!) to his regular columns in the foreign press and on our site.

Former valued writers for this site included Gary Mazo, Darla Mack, Nate Hanson, David Ransom and Nate Downes. We’re proud to have had them on our writing staff and admire how well they’ve done since moving on.

Lastly, one of our former writers, Haydn Woodall, was actually the son of our managing editor. On April 11th, 2015, he was killed in a car accident. His loss is indescribable both to his parents and everyone that knew him.

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