HTC Magic Cover Review


The Nexus 9 Magic Cover is a flat rectangular cover that attaches magnetically to the device, either on the front or back. The cover is designed to protect the display or be used as a stand, and supports automatic wake and sleep functionality by opening or closing the cover.
The cover features two different materials on either side, each one being a different colour. One side has a hard rubbery-like material that provides more grip and holds itself to the screen quite well, while the other side features a softer, more fabric-like material, though this allows the cover to slide off easily compared to the other side.

The covers design seems to be “origami-inspired”, it allows you to fold the cover into a stand, with one option allowing for a lower angle view which is good for browsing Google or typing, while the other option allows it to be folded into a steeper angle, good for viewing videos. When the case is on the back of the device, you’ll notice that it covers up the camera sensor, but with just one fold of the corner, the camera app is launched, allowing you to take a quick shot whenever necessary, even if the screen is off. Another bonus is that when attached to the device it doesn’t add much bulk or weight, allowing the device to still feel slim and light.

Other than looking stylish, coming in some nice colour variations and having some neat functionalities such as the camera quick launch, the cover doesn’t really do much, don’t get me wrong, the cover is a good cover, but it’s just a “good” cover, not an amazing one. The magnets that are embedded inside it aren’t the strongest, they fail to keep the cover attached to the device on some occasions when opening, and they can sometimes lead to the cover just sliding off, because of their weakness, which basically defies the point of the magnets. The cover itself just manages to hold up the nexus 9 when folded into a stand, but once any extra pressure is applied, by typing for example, you will find that the tablet may fall off a few times.

I would recommend the HTC Magic Cover for it’s stylish design and various colour choices, but if I based myself on the functionalities then I would recommend looking elsewhere, because you could most likely get a cover with more functionalities and stronger magnets for a cheaper price.

In case you are interested, the Magic Cover is available on the Google Store for $39.99/€39.99/£39.99 available In Black, Limestone, Mint Indigo and Coral Amethyst.