The Treo 700 p is Here (we think)

Engadget broke the big story on their web site today – which seems to have originated as a Palm leak to a techworld reporter.

Sounds way too much like a soap opera – but the important thing is that the Palm 700p is to be announced later today. Here are the official details:The l the 700p (like the 700w) features EV-DO, 312MHz Xscale CPU, 128MB flash memory (60MB usable), 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and SDIO. Unlike the 700w, however, it works it with the same 320 x 320 resolution screen as the 650 (which Windows Mobile 5.0 can’t match) and runs on Palm’s OS without any major updates from the previous version.

No ‘official’ pricing or news on availability – we will let you know when we know more.

Just in….The 700 P is on the Palm website Here is the online brochure: Treo700p_ds.pdf and here is the flash demo.

Netiher Sprint or Verizon is showing the device on their websites.

Written by Gary