The City of the Future Powered by Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are not Just for cars as I reported from NestFEST. They can be used instead of batteries. Get ready because Fuel Cells may be coming to a city near you!

Jadoo Power is in the business of providing the best fuel cells in a variety of situations. They developed a Proton Exchanged Membrane-based fuel cell and have patented the key components of this system. As a result they are the world?s largest supplier of portable fuel cells.

Millennium Cell is a company who have rethought the hydrogen battery. With their technology partner, Jadoo, they have been chosen as the fuel cell technology providers for the Greater Columbia “Fuel Cell Challenge”.

A two miles area in the city of Columbia, South Carolina has decided to take a bold step into the future and become the first city using fuel cell technology – a “Fuel Cell District”. It will include a variety of projects including powering public transportation, powering public buildings like stadiums. People’s homes can benefit from this hydrogen power as well as devices like cell phones. This should be a very interesting experiment!. I envy the people living there as they discover life in the Future!.

Written by Cecilia