Nokia World 2006: Is the rumored E61i/62i here?

With the Nokia World 2006 event coming up, rumors and in this case even pictures have hit the net. The Nokia World 2006 event will be held on November 29-30 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are expecting new models to the E-series including E90, E65 and the E61i/E62i. Other possible models are the rumored N76 (thin clam shell), N81 music phone and the revised N93i phone. The detail about these phones is still scarce, but some pictures have appeared in forums regarding the rumored E61i or E62i. It was rumored that the replacement for the popular E61/62 would include a built-in camera, and these pictures seem to prove this. We will have more on the upcoming Nokia World event and will report the info as it comes in. In the mean time have a look at these E6Xi pictures and judge for yourself.

Written by Devin