The New Nseries are here and on a diet!

Many people just don’t like smartphones due to the size and thickness, recently I even read people complaining in forums on how Nokia’s Nseries devices look like transformer robots, even though they have an overabundance of features.

This is generally true as Nokia usually doesn’t create ultra slim flip phones, especially smartphones and the N93, 6260 and N90 are good examples of this. But I guess this time they decided to do something about it as many companies are now taking the slim-and-sleek road and making it a feature all by itself. During the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) they announced new products that take this ‘we are on a diet’ image as they announced the N93i and the Razr-like N76.
While the new N93i, a follow-up to the N93 still looks like a transformer it has a much slimmer and compact size. It doesn’t add much to the N93 feature set, but noteworthy are a new personal video and photo blogging service called Vox, a cover indicator for power ON ,charging and missed calls (ala N80), S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1. I thought this would have the new miniUSB connection and stereo speakers, but further investigation of the specs show only the good ol’ Popport and no mention of stereo speakers. Guess I will have to look more into that and update the article as needed. They also announced the Razr-esque N76 smartphone, a totally new direction for Nokia, being even slimmer than the recently announced N75. A smart move as a lot of people want something slim and stylish like the Razr but with the capabilities of a smarphone. Other announced products are the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, a follow-up to the 770 Internet Tablet. It’s very interesting how they decide to put the tablet products in the Nseries. The Nokia N800 Internet Table and adds faster performance, full screen finger qwerty keyboard, easier continuous connections through Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth phone, integrated web camera as well as a new elegant design when compared to the 770.


The Nokia N93i is compact digital camcorder and multimedia computer in one. Boasting a host of advanced features – from DVD-like quality video capture to direct video uploads. ‘With devices such as the Nokia N93i, we believe that video can become a similar kind of mass market phenomenon as mobile photography has become,’ said Satu Ehrnrooth, head of Nokia Nseries Cameras Category, Multimedia, Nokia. ‘The slim and beautiful Nokia N93i is the ideal device for user-created video content, as it is a connected digital camcorder that is always with you. You can even instantly upload video clips in their original size directly from the device to online blogs or video communities. With the Nokia N93i, sharing your stories is now as easy as recording and viewing them.’

You can shoot DVD-like quality videos with the Nokia N93i thanks to its MPEG-4 VGA video capture at up to 30 frames per second, stereo audio recording and digital stabilization. The Nokia N93i also boasts a 3.2 megapixel (2048 x 1536 pixels) camera with Carl Zeiss optics, 3x optical zoom, autofocus and close-up mode. With the 1 GB miniSD card included in the standard Nokia N93i sales pack, you can capture up to 45 minutes of DVD-like quality video or up to 1250 high-quality photos.

It also has a new metallic finish keypad and a mirror effect cover. The 2.4′ main display of up to 16 million colors has a 160o viewing angle, the easy-to-use joystick provides smooth video control and there are dedicated camera keys to capture images, switch shooting mode and operate the flash quickly and easily.

Integrated into the Nokia N93i is a new personal video and photo blogging service called Vox* with privacy features that let you share stories and thoughts instantly, select your video or photos in the gallery of your Nokia N93i and upload them directly from your device to Vox in their original size.

The N93i also comes with the on-device editing capabilities. For advanced editing, the standard Nokia N93i sales pack comes bundled with Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 software. These videos can then be transferred back to your multimedia computer or burned to DVDs. You can also share your creations by connecting the N93i to a compatible TV with the supplied video-out connectivity cable or via the wireless route using the integrated wireless LAN (WLAN) technology to connect to a compatible UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) enabled device.
Designed to work on WLAN, 3G (WCDMA 2100 MHz), EDGE and GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz) networks, the Nokia N93i provides mobile broadband internet access for browsing, uploading content, and sending and receiving emails, allowing you to stay connected on the move. You can also keep yourself entertained with MP3 music, podcasts, stereo FM radio or mobile TV video streaming. The Nokia N93i, which is based on S60 3rd Edition software on Symbian OS, is expected to start shipping in volumes during the first quarter of 2007 with an estimated, pre-tax, unsubsidized sales price of approximately 600 euros.


The N76 is a trimmer fold model to Nokia’s Nseries line up. It’s a new multimedia computer that brings the complete Nokia Nseries experience to a sleeker body. With the Nokia N76 multimedia computer, technology and design come together to create a new design for a multimedia computer. Using premium materials to enclose Nokia Nseries features and experiences, Nokia has created a very eye-catching device.

‘We did not want to compromise any of the key Nokia Nseries experiences when we designed the stylish Nokia N76 multimedia computer,’ said Pekka Pohjakallio, vice-president, Multimedia, Nokia. He continued, ‘Nokia Nseries consumers are bleeding edge technology users and with them in mind we want to offer intelligent and entertaining multimedia functionality in an easy to use, ultra slim package.’

Nokia Nseries music fans will appreciate the dedicated quick cover keys on the Nokia N76, which let you quickly and easily control the device’s music features from the outside of the folded device, for instant tunes wherever you are. Holding up to 1500 tracks the Nokia N76 works with industry standard 3.5 mm headphones and supports the popular Windows Media DRM for optimal use.Viewing the 2.4′, up to 16 million color screen in landscape mode brings a familiar feel to surfing the web on a mobile. Navigate web pages quickly and easily with the Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map and enjoy easy access to popular internet services like Flickr and Amazon for searching, shopping or sharing.
Using the dedicated quick cover keys, you can snap that unexpected moment without having to open up the device then upload it to a compatible photo sharing community, like Flickr. Use the 2.0 megapixel (1600 x 1200 pixels) camera to capture, zoom and review pictures on the large 2.4′ display, then edit either on the go or transfer them to a compatible PC and even get creative with Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition.
The Nokia N76, which is based on S60 3rd Edition software on Symbian OS, is expected to start shipping in volumes during the first quarter of 2007 with an estimated, pre-tax, unsubsidized sales price of approximately 390 euros.

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

The N800 is the next generation widescreen Nokia Nseries multimedia computer. The sleek Nokia N800 combines a truly personal Internet experience with easy wireless connections, high resolution display and support for a wide variety of Internet applications. Building on the success of the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, the Nokia N800 introduces faster performance, full screen finger qwerty keyboard, easier continuous connections through Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth phone, integrated web camera as well as a new elegant design.

‘As the Internet becomes an ever more integral part of daily life, Nokia N800 has been designed to offer quick and convenient access to your favorite Internet services regardless of location,’ said Ari Virtanen, Vice President, Convergence Products, Multimedia, Nokia. ‘The Nokia N800 takes our offering to the next level combining speed, performance and mobility into a stylish, compact design.’ At the CES show, Nokia is demonstrating several features that can be experienced soon with Nokia N800. These include Internet enhanced navigation with Navicore software, calling and messaging with a number of popular services as well as the RealNetworks’ Rhapsody music service. Nokia also announced a development cooperation with Skype on Internet Telephony that will allow Skype users to make Internet calls from their Nokia N800.

Like its predecessor, the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet is based on Nokia’s desktop Linux based Operating System. The Maemo development platform was launched in 2005 to provide Open Source developers with the tools and opportunities to create innovative applications for use on Nokia’s Internet Tablets. Users of the Nokia N800 will be able to benefit from a wide range of third party applications.

The Nokia N800 is commercially available immediately in the United States and in selected markets in Europe at estimated retail price of 399 EUR/USD (excluding local taxes).

Written by Devin