T-Mobile Announces the new T-Mobile Shadow

T-Mobile USA, Inc., today announces the upcoming availability of the T-Mobile Shadow ™ – the first phone in a planned franchise of phones under the Shadow brand, a name that will become synonymous with playful, easier and richer communications experiences offered only by T-Mobile (r) .

Available beginning October 31, the T-Mobile Shadow is designed to significantly reduce the complexity often associated with many feature-rich devices, while maintaining all the powerful calling, messaging and picture sharing capabilities people crave to keep them connected.

‘We’ re calling the new line of devices ‘Shadow’ because they’re designed to help people stay effortlessly connected with those who are closest to them – the people you would choose to have with you all the time if possible – the people you love checking in with during a hectic day or to share special news,’ said Robert Dotson, president and CEO, T-Mobile USA. ‘Shadow finally makes staying connected to people simple, fun and easy – and all without the hassle of using a complicated device. This is not a productivity tool. This phone is designed for people who have lives beyond work.’

For years, T-Mobile has been pioneering new products and services designed to reduce the complexity of staying connected to important people. This effort began years ago with the introduction of the T-Mobile Sidekick (r) family of devices, designed to make calling, texting and instant messaging much easier just as young adults were beginning to embrace these new forms of communication. In 2006, T-Mobile continued this wor k with the introduction of myFaves (r), a service that offers unlimited nationwide calling and one-click communications access to the people who are most important to you.* The myFaves service was introduced simultaneously with the introduction of T-Mobile ‘s new ‘stick together (r)’ brand promise, a commitment by the company to focus laser-like on making it much easier and richer to stay connected with the people who matter most.

The T-Mobile Shadow helps people effortlessly connect through the phone’ s innovative design and screamingly simple user interface. T-Mobile teamed with HTC, the designer and manufacturer, to eloquently integrate the phone’s form and function. This focused effort resulted in an unmatched communications experience that strips out the comp lexity of traditional multi-function phones – so people don’t have to wrestle with technology – and makes it more intuitive for customers to explore and try new ways to communicate .

‘We partnered exclusively with T-Mobile to help them deliver a deep com munications experience that is built around the customer,’ said Peter Chou, president and CEO, HTC. ‘In both form and function, the T-Mobile Shadow delivers an unmistakable commitment to enhancing personal relationships.’

Phone Highlights*
  • Easy myFaves interface with unlimited nationwide calling.
  • High quality, easy-to-use 2 MP digital camera with video capture.
  • One-click calendaring and alerts to stay closer to family and friends.
  • Simple, top-screen sharing of your favorite music.
  • Effortless messaging to keep in touch throughout the day.
  • Fun, top-screen picture sharing of special moments.
  • Blazing-fast Wi-Fi browsing to feed your discussions.
  • Expandable memory to store and transfer your music, pictures, and videos.
Additional Phone Features*
  • Slide out QWERTY-like keypad
  • Speakerphone
  • Voice-activated calling
  • Stereo Bluetooth(r)
  • Direct access to multiple personal and work e-mail accounts
  • Four instant-messaging clients built in: Windows Live Messenger(tm), AOL(r) Instant Messenger(tm), Yahoo!(r) Messenger, and ICQ(r).
  • 2.6 inch display, 320 x 240 pixels, 65k QVGA GSM/GPRS/EDGE/Wi-Fi display.
  • Micro SD expansion slot supporting up to 4 GB of optional removable memory.
  • Quad-band world phone (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Windows Mobile(r) 6(r)
  • Microsoft(r) Internet Explorer(r) Web browser
  • Microsoft Office document viewing and editing
  • Microsoft Vista(r) compatible
  • Wireless Exchange synchronization with Microsoft Exchange 2003
  • Easily syncs with Microsoft Outlook on a PC.
*Not all features/services available with all rate plans. Additional charges may apply.
Requires myFaves rate plan.

Written by Kermit