Wi-Fire Software Upgraded

hField Technologies http://www.hfield.com has just launched a Windows Vista compatible version of the Wi-FireTM, a compact high-performance long-range USB WiFi Adapter The launch coincides with introduction of hField’s Wi-Fire Connection Manager 2.0 for both XP and Vista – innovative software that is fully integrated with the Windows OS.
With its integrated high gain directional antenna and extremely strong receive sensitivity, this all new Wi-Fire now gives Vista users the freedom to connect to WiFi networks when they want, where they want. Users benefit from the increased mobility and greater range with faster speeds in comparison to other standard WiFi adapters.
Wi-Fire provides interoperability with any 802.11 b/g access point and multiplies the effectiveness of wireless networks by allowing users to connect to a WiFi network from up to 1,000 feet-more than three times the range of other 802.11 adapters-often at significantly higher speeds, and even in locations where no wireless signal could be detected previously.
Wi-Fire, only 3 inches by 4 inches and a sleek 3/8-inch thick, is small, easy-to-use, and folds up with its mounting device and USB cable for portability.

Retail price for Wi-FireTM is $79.00 and is available now at http://www.hfield.com/buynow and participating retailers.
hField launched Wi-Fire for Mac in August to rave reviews http://www.hfield.com/news/wifire_inthenews.htm. The company expects the Vista version to be met with equal excitement. ‘Wi-Fire is the perfect device-light weight and easy to use-for the seriously mobile Vista user and those who have problems connecting to their regular wireless network because of distance, obstacles or other interference,’ said Tom DiClemente, hField’s CEO. ‘We’re dedicated to empowering people to connect better, faster and more economically.’
Additionally, Wi-Fire now uses the same hardware for XP, Vista and Mac with the same outstanding performance. You can even move the Wi-Fire from one computer to another simply by installing the correct software for the new computer’s operating system. This release also features hField’s new Wi-Fire Connection Manager 2.0 (WCM2.0) which is fully integrated with Windows for XP and Vista This innovative software requires about one-third of the RAM used by competitive software. It also offers automatic security setting recognition, making it easier to secure your network, and works seamlessly with Window’s internal WiFi controls, meaning no compatibility or driver interference issues
A Linux version is in development.
About hField:
hField designs and manufactures innovative, high-performance wireless networking products that offer outstanding performance while maintaining total interoperability with existing wireless technology standards. hField is a Ben Franklin Technology Partners and South Bethlehem Keystone Innovation Zone client company.

Written by Kermit