New Nokia slider with optical zoom: N98 or N96 maybe?

If the N93 would have a kid with the N95 this would probably be the result. Rather detailed drawings have popped up of a very interesting slider equipped with what looks like a lens barrel to house the optical zooming mechanism and just like the N90 the entire lens barrel is rotatable. On top of that there seems to be a retractable flash assembly, which is able to be hidden into the body of the phone. A mystery still is what this phone would be called if they would actually release it. Is it a 6, 7 or even an 8 Megapixel device? As the article states, I don’t think I have ever seen such a detailed drawing of a device: Up till now I have seen either pictures of the actual device or some drawing showing just the details of the patent. With Nokia World just around the corner this just might be something that sees the light this week. As always take these things with grain of salt. I hope the patent gods make this happen ASAP Source: Unwiredview

Written by Devin