One-Stop iPod Repair Service

What with iPods seemingly becoming ubiquitous what happens when you need a repair or a change of screen, faceplate or replace accessories? RapidRepair supplies your iPod needs in one place. The internet has spawned a new type of business. The get-everything-online business where you can get Diagnostic/Repair service as well as an array of accessories which can add to your iPod or Zune wardrobe.

Check out the extensive FAQ for Repair Service to understand what you are responsible for as a customer. It’s fairly detailed as to what can and can’t be done, how long normal Diagnostic and Repair takes (about one to two days) and how long you have to make a decision about accepting a repair, paying, and so on. They even offer to buy broken devices.

Even if nothing is broken you can modify your iPod or Zune with different colored screen. Customize your device to ATOMIC PURPLE, SUPER RED, NEON BLUE, NEON GREEN, or ULTRA ORANGE. Increase your Zune Harddrive to 40GB, 60GB, 80GB or 100GB. This seems a service worth checking out.

Written by Cecilia