Altec Lansing(r) orbitMP3. Big sound from a little package!

Over the years I have tried many small portable speakers to listen to my mp3 players without having to always wear headphones. I wanted to be able to share the tunes. I was never able to get the sound that my music deserved. Then came the ubiquitous docking station. Some docking stations have great sound, but are a bit too big to take around with you. Enter the Altec Lansing orbit MP3

This little gem has amazing sound. It is barely 3 inches in diameter yet produces great clarity and and not too shabby bass. The orbitMP3 is powered buy 3 AAA batteries and produces surprisingly loud volume. I used it out on my deck and the music was loud enough to appreciate 30 feet away. Indoors it is even better because the sound bounces off the wall. It’s cylindrical design projects sound in 360 degrees The batteries lasted over the 24 hours stated in the specs at decent volume!

The orbitMP3 is ruggedly constructed to withstand the rigors of traveling with you wherever you go. When your friend Joe picks it up because he can’t believe how good it sounds and immediately drops it, it will be no worse off for wear. Unless, of course, he drops it off the bridge into the river. It comes with a high quality carrying case complete with the coolest miniature carribiner you ever saw.

The only control is the on/off switch. The cord and connector wrap up inside the base of the speaker. It comes with a 3.5 mm phone jack. You can plug the orbitMP3 into any portable toy you may have. It’s much better than most laptop speakers. You will have to get a 2.5 mm adapter for using it with some phones. At the retail price of $39.95 it is a hard toy to resist.

Why it’s good: Great sound, small, good price.

What could be better: All I can think of is that maybe the cord could be longer.

Highly Recommended

Written by Jeff