Christmas Keyboarding With The Yamaha EZ300

Christmas is the time for a family get together, and Yamaha Keyboards have long been a centerpiece to the after-dinner social time. The Yamaha EZ300 is a great addition to the celebratory times we share together. What’s more, the Yamaha EZ300, as the name suggests, is fantastic for beginners. Don’t have the tradition? The EZ300 can help you start one. The Yamaha EZ300 has lighted keys with a “Touch Tutor” mode, Yamaha quality, and the expected accompaniments for making music. Finally, as expected, the Yamaha EZ300 is compatible with a variety of accessories, such as pedals and stands.



Yamaha’s Touch Tutor is a special mode that lights the keys to teach beginners how to play the keyboard. The litany of 61 keys are also touch sensitive and can help anyone “get the hang of it.” In fact, there are over 200 built-in songs from classic to pop music. For those who don’t need this feature, the lighting can be toggled off, and music can be played just like using a standard keyboard.


When I stated that it is a tradition, it really seems like that. From church get-togethers to the holidays with family – there was almost always a Yamaha keyboard involved. From school to Sunday-school, these things were always a popular attraction. Different models would have different sounds, but the Yamaha keyboards would always perform. Not all locations for these keyboards were ideal to put it mildly. They survived a bunch of 13 and 14 year old kids trying to mimic professional wrestlers, cowboys, and world-war basketball. The thing is, they didn’t just survive – the quality wasn’t just in the build. No, they still had a sound quality to them on top of surviving the physical abuse the neighborhood kids would put them through. Being older now, I didn’t beat on the EZ300 like Dr. Killdrums would on his drum set during a tour; however, this model feels like it still has a solid construction.  Sometimes you pay for a name, but, more often, you pay for the quality that a name represents. In this case, it’s a history of quality.

Yes, there is a Dr. Killdrums. (image: wikipedia)

Again, as expected from Yamaha, this keyboard has many “voices” (their terminology for different instrument sounds) too. By many, I mean a metric boatload, 622 to be precise. Oh but they didn’t stop there, this music machine has accompanying drums, backing rhythms, and the ability to bring your creations to life. Beyond this, the EZ300 supports a myriad of stands and pedals. There is a fantastic range for the EZ300 from Yamaha, so it’s a stand out in this department.

For an economy, or entry level, keyboard, the EZ300 is one of the best entry-level keyboards on the market; if not THE best. It does cost a little more than some other keyboards, but this is an instance of paying for quality, quality of life, and an instructor in the box. Really, it doesn’t get much better than this. Besides, a Yamaha keyboard just makes Christmas more special.