TechnaXX TX-165 Bird Feeder + Camera Station

Prepare for spring early with the Technaxx TX-165  Bird Feeding Camera Station. If this sounds a bit different from the normal tech around here, it’s because this thing is awesome. The wonderful world of birds is right there in your back yard, and this camera station is there to help you capture the magic.  As packaged, the device comes with multiple mounting options, very good technical specs, and a price that is in defiance of those specifications. All in all, a great gift idea for the nature watcher in our lives.


I can’t say for other people, but when I work with a device of this sort, whether it’s a bird-cam, a security camera, or even a smart doorbell, my first concern is how to mount the thing to actually use it. From old fashioned IR connections to securing my router is of no concern. However, I get nervous when I bring out the hammer, some nails, and the drill. Technaxx thoughtfully includes multiple mounting brackets, straps, and fixtures to ease the burden of setting it up physically. It has several physical appointments, like a bath, a large seed dispenser, a solid construction, and a water-resistant housing, but thank the stars they thought of including multiple mounting systems.


The tech included is very good, but is, sadly, missing a network connection. While the lack of networking is a bit of a drawback, it does support the use of a standard micro-SD card and a USB connection.  The other specifications are excellent for such a device, video recording is done in 1080p, and stills are captured at 8MP. It can record in slow motion, has a 100 degree camera angle, and even night vision. Depending on the birds frequency of using the device, you can even get six months of use out of the batteries.  A final note on the technical specifications is that the water/temperature proofing is rated at IP56.


So we have a bird video recording feeder with good construction, very good specifications, and multiple mounting points. The TechnaXX Bird Feeder and Camera Station is a fantastic device, hands down. The price, however, is the clincher. It’s not that it’s absolutely cheap, but that it’s closest competitors are either flawed or exponentially more expensive. The German company TechnaXX basically found that magical middle ground, where the product is good and fairly priced at around $130.00 US. ( Note: they are a little cheaper right now at Amazon, $108 at the time of publishing, due to being released in stores across America. )


The price, the recording quality, and the multiple mounting options make for a great bird watching experience.  The TX-165 also makes a great gift for parents, grandparents (especially grandparents!), and anyone wanting a little more nature in their lives. The bottom line is simple, this device is hard to beat at it’s current MSRP.