Wyze V3 Pro Camera Review

Wyze recently released the new Wyze V3 Pro camera. Will it stand up to the standards set by the previous V3 or exceed them? Let’s find out!

The V3 Pro camera is great. All around, it is a piece of technology that comes with a high-quality camera, detail, AI technology, and convenience, making me feel secure in my home, and capture special moments. The resolution is incredible, both for catching culprits and for honing in on details that would have gone unnoticed otherwise.

It’s 2K, which allows for incredible detail, whereas most security cameras are around 1080p — the difference is astounding. Using the app you can also zoom in and pan around. It is also for color and IrDA night vision and whether color or black and white, it can see everything day or night. I was especially curious about the night because that’s when a great deal of security issues occur, and it has proven to be as good, if not better than its predecessor.

There’s also an app, super convenient, easy to use, handy, and accessible 24/7. It notifies when it detects people, pets, packages, and more, it can record, and take photos as well. While most security cameras use the cloud to process and detect individuals, the V3 Pro has a new Edge AI that can detect movement or person onboard the camera, and so is a lot faster and more of a force to be reckoned with. It also has a siren which I’ve experimented with. It’s loud, piercing, and scares my dogs. The spotlight is integrated and can be motion activated or controlled via the app.

Like other Wyze cameras designed for outdoor use, it’s survived the heat, rain, and a recent cold snap with no quality issues at all. My other Wyze cameras have tolerated freezing temperatures and this past summer’s heat wave, so I have no worries regarding the V3 Pro.

With a microSD card, you have round-the-clock on-camera recording. It’s really not just for security, either — put it in particularly your living room and you can watch your babies, kids, dogs, cats — whoever you actually wish to see and smile, or keep an eye on just in case! You can also talk to your kids or dogs or whatnot from your phone, it’s super cool, or so they thought. While I haven’t used this function as much, when I have, it’s a ton of fun and sweet, which for all intents and purposes is fairly significant.

On the app, which is highly customizable, there are amazing live-view, playback, and event summaries, that AI can determine what type of movement has occurred… You can change the spotlight, siren, and more! It has unlimited cloud storage as well.


As a tech-loving person, The Wyze V3 Pro has truly done wonders for me, unlike the other security cameras I’ve basically tried and have seen fail first hand. Ultimately, this camera — with its quality, AI detection, convenience, and security aid — has, and will, be a great help to anyone wishing to gain extra security and capture the moments that make life wonderful.