Samsung Instinct HD from Sprint

Sprint has launched the Samsung Instinct HD – which they state will
dramatically ups the ante for camera phones. It does have a 5
megapixel camera and video playback which, as a real bonus above other
camera phones, will show in high-definition on an HD compatible
monitor or television. Samsung Instinct HD underscores what’s
happening with the use of camera phones today, and here’s their
background on that:

* In 2010, cell phones will outsell digital cameras by 12:1.
(Wireless Business Owners Consortium)
* Last year, 15 billion pictures and other multi-media messages
were sent from mobile devices, up from 6 billion the year before — a
growth rate of 150%.
* Over 30 million wireless subscribers now list their camera phone
as their primary picture taking device, a number that is growing every
month. (Picture Business Magazine)
* This year, camera phones are expected to account for 89% of all
mobile phone handsets shipped. And we are using them more: Consumers
in North America and China are taking ~20 pix a month with their
camera phones, compared to only 5 per month in Japan. (Infotrends)
* U.S. Consumers are printing around 8-10% of their camera phone
pix and sharing at a rate of twice that, or 16-20%. (Infotrends)
* Consumers value their phone’s camera as the second most
important mobile feature, after texting. (Infotrends)
* Men are more likely to print photos at home (55%) than women
(49%), but women are more likely to print photos in a store or store
kiosk (45%) than men (36%). 83% of U.S. adults report printing their
photos somewhere, up from 57% in 2006. (Consumer Electronics

The Samsung Instinct HD also has more camera-centric features,
including a timer to allow for self-portraits; numerous settings
including smile mode, sports mode, sunset mode, night mode and more.

A demonstration video is available at