Kitchen Gadgets Today – The Shake ‘n’ Chop

Shake-N-Chop photo for reviewThe world of new kitchen gadgets has pulled another rabbit out of it’s hat and given us the Shake’N’Chop!  If there’s a part of the home that inspires more gadgets than the kitchen, then I’m woefully misinformed.  More ingenuity has been spent on sparing us time and effort in the kitchen than any other room. Check out this latest bit of metal and plastic wizardry for dicing up your veggies!

The ingenious Shake-N-Chop has finally arrived and is taking the food chopping world by storm. This is the first and only food chopper in the world that chops the food when you shake the tube. It works like magic!!! Unlike all other cloned food choppers out there, the Shake-N-Chop is 100% new and revolutionary and does not rely on any palm slapping plunger to chop the food. That can really hurt your hands. With the Shake-N-Chop, you just hold it in one hand and shake the tube. That’s it…You are done!!! The food is instantly chopped. Visit the Shake-N-Chop website for more information.