aXbo Single Edition: a new bedfellow to wake up with gently

axbo single clockWhatever it is that’s stealing singles their sleep, the aXbo sleep phase alarm clock can make it better. A singles’ version of the Austrian easy-waking system is available from October – complete with a new look and new sounds. Your new bedfellow is just right for a single lifestyle: single people have a less regulated daily routine, sometimes turn the night into day and take relatively little care of their own health, turning their own biorhythm upside-down, causing chaos with their inner clock. After an all-too-brief night’s sleep, your alarm clock drags you mercilessly out of a deep sleep, making getting up a misery. The innovative easy-waking system has a remedy for this very situation:

aXbo supervises your sleep by means of a movement sensor worn on your wrist. By analyzing your movements, it can differentiate between the sleep phases to calculate your optimal waking time at a moment when you’re already almost awake. The result: singles can also wake up as gently as if a special somebody had dropped a gentle kiss on their cheek. Starting the day becomes a positive experience.

Vienna, 8.10.2009 – The new “aXbo Single” uses the patented sleep phase alarm clock technology and is available in a limited edition of 2.000 complete with its new look of a glossy black finish from mid-October. Every “aXbo Single” can also be easily updated with a new sound package of six waking sounds and three chill-out sounds using the enclosed USB cable. And don’t worry – if you find another bedfellow, the aXbo Single can be easily “upgraded” with an additional sensor for a second person.

Keeping on top of your own sleep behavior

Without a partner in your bed, it’s easy for some things to remain a mystery – for example, how much you move during your sleep. aXbo is far more than just an alarm clock. The specially developed “aXbo research” software offers you the possibility of analyzing your own sleep behavior. Your body movements are collected by means of a movement sensor in a wristband made of soft towel material, and can then be transferred to
your computer with the USB cable, displayed graphically using “aXbo research” and then compared, allowing you to draw conclusions about your own sleep cycles. The frequency of your movements is directly correlated to the sleep phases. Deep sleep and REM phases are characterized by increasing lack of movement, while in the light sleep phases and in the transition between two sleep phases we move much more frequently. As well as analyzing your movements, the software also tells you your sleeping latency (how long you take to fall asleep), how long you’ve slept for, and the exact waking time each night.

Wake up properly

Everybody goes through several cycles in the night, alternating between deep and shallower sleep phases. Scientific studies have proven that the sleep phase from which we are woken not only influences how we feel in the morning, but all through the day as well. The aXbo sleep phase alarm clock calculates your optimal waking time on the basis of your body movements, identifying the sleep phases and waking you gently within the last 30 minutes before the preset time at a moment when you are already almost awake, giving you an effortless start to the day and letting you enjoy a greater feeling of wellbeing and full productivity.

Available online

The “aXbo Single” can be ordered online at at the cost of 179.00 €.

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Good morning. Every Day.

Sabrina Maier