Sprint Announces Motorola Debut i856

Motorola DebutTM i856 brings style to substance by combining best-in-class Nextel Direct Connect® with a new, durable sliding form factor that keeps the keypad secure when not in use, and offers easy access when needed for instant communication between two people or a group of people, next door or in the next state.  It is the first vertical slider device available for use on the Nextel National Network, and this new form factor offers easy one-handed operation, making it easier to get email and text messages.  It also offers a built-in MP3 player with external music controls, and comes with other important features like a 1.3 MP camera with video capture and up to 4x digital zoom, Stereo Bluetooth® and GPS.  Motorola Debut i856 also offers GPS Tagging, which lets you tag a picture with the GPS information from the picture’s location using the GPS receiver built into the handset.


  • Direct Connect® for instant, one-to-one push-to-talk communication nationwide with any other Nextel Direct Connect subscriber
  • Group Connect® to communicate or coordinate activities with up to 20 other Nextel Direct Connect subscribers all at once – nationwide
  • International Direct ConnectSM lets you instantly connect from the United States to users in other eligible countries, including Canada and Mexico, and lets you make and receive push-to-talk calls while travelling in those countries
  • Direct TalkSM offers a reliable backup all-digital, off-network, push-to-talk service that works anywhere, anytime between compatible phones for short-range communications (range will vary based on terrain and conditions and in-building performance)
  • Direct SendSM sends pictures or contact information to other Direct Send-capable phones using the Direct Connect button
  • Group Messaging to send messages to groups of up to 20 people at the same time
  • NextMail® lets you send voice messages to any email address to document and track activity using the Direct Connect button


  • 1.3 MP camera with video capture capabilities and up to 4x optical zoom
  • Multimedia messaging (either audio, images, text, or all three in the same message) to or from email addresses and other capable users, and wirelessly store multimedia on the Sprint Web site
  • Supports up to 8 GB MicroSD card (not included)
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) with GPS Tagging
  • Pre-loaded applications: Sprint Mobile Email & SME-W, TeleNav Navigation, NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile and NFL Mobile Live
  • Advanced Stereo Bluetooth® Wireless Technology


  • Dimensions: 4.19 inches x 1.97 inches x 0.59 inches (124.46 mm x 50.04 mm x 14.99 mm)
  • Weight: 3.09 ounces (87.6 grams)
  • Display: 2.2-inch diagonal with 176 x 220 resolution and 65k colors
  • Battery Specifications: Standard High-Capacity Lithium Ion battery (1140 mAh); Extended Lithium Ion battery (1600 mAh)
  • Talk Time: Standard Battery: 205 minutes; Extended Battery: 290 minutes

For more information visit www.sprint.com