Hi-Tec Art does Light Bright for the 21st Century

hiTecArt1Here is your sneak peak at one of the coolest products you’ve seen this year. Finally someone has freed the LED from the tyranny of the circuit board, soldering iron and inline resistor. Never before could normal people actually play with these brilliantly colored sparks of light. Hi-Tec Art is launching our company and this patented technology, Hi-Tec Art is the Worlds, first LED stick in Tec Toy. With this sketch model you can use LED’s to create art! Just stick in the LED’s and they light. Create anything you can imagine using 8 different colored LED’s, from designs to signs. Use the included glowing artwire to outline shapes and patterns in glowing bright light. It’s like a combination of “Light Brite” and neon signs.

Hi-Tec Art’s company motto is “Fun with Technology”; and they are ripping new technology from the hands of our reclusive tec-nerd engineers and making it available so the rest of us normal folks can play with it too!

Keep an eye out for our next products, Hi-Tec Art LED  APS(worlds first LED stick in wall map), CUBE(crazy automated animated mesmerizing 3D LED show), and FASHION(kits to make your own glowing flashing eye-popping wardrobe)!

Stop by their CES booth 15725 for free SWAG and a hands on demo. You can also visit Hi-Tec Art online at https://www.hi-tecart.com/