Mixing Klondikes Chocolaty Goodness with iPhone and Droid

Klondike is launching a new app for iPhone and Droid users.

The Chocolate Part:
“Klondike Unfoiled” challenges users to unwrap any of the nine
Klondike bar varieties, including Caramel Pretzel, Heath®, Krunch™,
Reese’s®, Double Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, OREO®, Neapolitan and
Whitehouse Cherry, as quickly as possible. For added nostalgia,
there’s a button to activate the catchy “What would you do-oo-oo?”

The Contest Part:

Go to Everyman Challenges site to learn about the chance to win a game room, entertainment center and SUV. Watch Adam Carolla in a funny video. Info or getting the app lies within!