TrendyDigital Design Lauches Protective Cases for the Samsung Galaxy Tab

TrendyDigital Design, a subsidiary of MZ Services Inc. announces four
protective cases for Amazon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab: the WaterGuard
Series Waterproof Case; the Splash/Spill Proof Case; the Courier Folio
case and the High Grade Silicone Gel Case. Each case offers
exceptional protection and convenient accessibility to the Samsung
Galaxy Tab. All cases are available for pre-order and will be shipped
on Nov 15, 2010.

The WaterGuard Waterproof Case Series features two models: the
WaterGuard Lite and the WaterGuard Plus. Both models feature a double
waterproof sealing closure, press-and-fold seal, and button fasteners.
This multi-tier sealing mechanism provides excellent protection when
the Tab owners use their gadget in watery environments. The WaterGuard
Plus version has padding for extra bump protection and a detachable
lanyard. The WaterGuard Waterproof Case is the world’s first and only
waterproof case designed exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The splash-proof, water resistance case was designed to endure
extremely wet environments while maintaining excellent functionality.
The case allows the Galaxy Tab to be used by the pool as well as in
industrial environments, hospitals, libraries, and the kitchen. In
fact, with this case, the Tab can be used anywhere where dust and
liquids are present. The case combines the functionality of a
protective screen, a water resistance case and padded protective
pouch. It is the only one on the market that offers such versatile
utility. This is appealing to new owners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab who
would love to keep their new gadget in a pristine condition.

The Courier Folio Case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab protects the device
from daily wear and scratches. The Courier case is a folio case that
includes storage pockets for pens, business cards or USB Cables. The
Courier Folio case features a fitted form for the Samsung Galaxy Tab
in the right compartment. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is anchored via
elastic bands at the corners. All the sockets on the SamsungGalaxy
Tab’s side panel are fully accessible. The case is secured via a
non-scratch double zipper when the Samsung Galaxy Tab is not in use.
It is both a convenient and durable solution for housing yourSamsung
Galaxy Tab.

The high grade silicone gel case was designed for the Samsung Galaxy
Tab. It fits the Tab perfectly and allows easy access to all buttons,
controls and ports. It protects the Tab from bumps, dent and
scratches. This is a great investment for protecting your favorite

“We are excited about the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s release. From our
experience with other eReader and iPad, we are able to rapidly develop
suite of protective gears for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.,” noted Mark
Zheng, vice president of sales and marketing. “We would like to
provide a broad range of stylish and protective cases when people use
their devices in different environments. The WaterGuard and Splash
Proof Series for the Samsung Galaxy Tab are built on our successful
waterproof platform for Kindle and iPad and will become one of the
“must have” accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Tab experience. The
Courier Folio Case and the High Grade Silicone Gel case, on the other
hand, provide ideal solutions for Samsung Galaxy Tab owners who are
frequently on the go.”

All cases can be purchased on TrendyDigital Design online and Amazon.

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