FlexiShield Case for Nexus 9 review


When it comes to cases, there is a ton available, but at the end of the day it comes down to the case that’s right for you. The Nexus 9 FlexiShield case from MobileFun is a fairly simple, translucent skin, available in black, white, blue, pink and purple. If the case you’re looking for is one that’ll provide basic protection for your device, but at the same time allow you to appreciate the tablets design, then a case like the FlexiShield is just what you’re looking for.


Design & protection

The case is made from semi-transparent silicon and is designed to fit tightly around the Nexus 9. On the rear of the case, a coating has been applied, which provides a good enough grip to stop the device from sliding straight out of your hands.


If the device was to ever fall to the ground, the case provides full protection to the front and sides, while also providing protection to the display in the case of it dropping on to a flat surface thanks to an added lip around the display, keeping the display a few millimetres off the ground – so no need to worry about the device getting scratched.


On a side note, the case has five openings in total. It has an opening on the rear for the camera and flash, one at the bottom for the USB port, and one at the top for the 3.5mm headphone jack. The remaining two are for the devices microphones. All of the openings on this case are actually big enough, unlike some cases where you sometimes find that the silicon covers up the ports and camera partially. Finally, for the power and volume buttons there are no openings, they each have a separate raised area, highlighting the buttons from the rest of the devices frame.




Overall I’m very pleased with the FlexiShield; it’s a simple, low cost case with a good design and pretty good protection, and does a great job of protecting the device from marks and stains. The most attractive feature of this case is probably its price. It’s currently on offer starting at just $5.49.