Review: FlexiShield Case for 2nd Gen Moto G


The FlexiShield case from MobileFun for the 2nd Gen Motorola Moto G is a simple, semi-transparent (except in the case of the black colour) silicon skin available in Black, Smoke Black, Frost White, Purple and Blue. The case is made to help your device withstand drops and falls without ruining the devices design. If that’s the case you’re looking for, then the Flexishield is the right one for you.


Design & protection

As stated previously, the case is made from a semi-transparent silicon, designed to fit tightly around your device. The exterior of the case has had a coating applied to help with the grip, though I did find that this leads to the rear of the case being a fingerprint magnet, at least on the black case that I’m reviewing, but it does increase the grip significantly compared to the parts of the case that aren’t coated, so no need to worry about the device falling from between your fingers.


If the device was to ever fall to the ground, the case provides complete protection to the front and sides, while also providing protection to the display in the case of it dropping on to a flat surface thanks to the added lip around the display, which keeps the front a few millimetres off the ground, thus avoiding any scratches or cracks on the display.


On another note, the case has four openings; One opening on the rear for the camera and flash, one at the bottom for the USB port, and two on the top for the 3.5mm headphone jack and microphone. Finally, the power and volume buttons each have a separate raised area, highlighting them from the rest of the devices frame.



Overall the FlexiShield is a very good case; it’s simple and low cost with a good design and pretty good protection, but if you do get this case, I would recommend getting one of the semi-transparent colours because, from experience, the fingerprints aren’t as noticeable on the semi-transparent ones and they also allow you to appreciate the devices design more. The case is currently available for $7.99.