So, today I log into Twitter and what should appear at the top of the page?



Twitter has collected a few Currently Happening Now events and put them under the “Moments” tab.
If you are looking at this on a smart phone you get an intro:

From Samsung S6 Edge

It works really nicely on a phone, you just swipe from the right to access each tweet, videos play automatically. I have noticed that the audio seems automatically off but you just tap on the audio icon on the top right of the screen to turn it up/on. That’s probably a good thing. You can see the audio icon here:

From Samsung S6 Edge


Tap the video icon on the lower left screen to get the video controls.It will also show Twitter controls for Sharing and making a Favorite and so on.

From Samsung S6 Edge

If you really like a particular “Moment” you can share the whole darn thing. From my browser (laptop) I copied the code for embedding this “Moment” and posted it here:


From the phone app you can retweet the Moment but don’t see an obvious way to find an embed code from a device.  Today I see a handful of “Moments” and they don’t stay up all day. It’s an interesting idea and I suppose we’ll see who likes this and who doesn’t. For News Nerds this should make them very happy.