Polaroid Cube+ Wi-Fi Lifestyle Action Camera

Polaroid-Cube-Mini-Lifestyle-Action-Camera-1Polaroid’s Cube+ brings a camera that captures every element of your action lifestyle; all you need to do is ensure that your life lives up to expectations. It is time therefore to step closer to the edge, and if you dare, jump off, knowing that your memories will be recorded beautifully for all and for posterity.


Your smartphone, IOS or Android, connects to the Cube+ via Wi-Fi, easily and effectively. The Cube+ has no display of it’s own, relying on your smartphone to provide as high a resolution display as it can provide while also giving you complete control over the Cube+.

Quality Camera and a Quality Lens!

Rhe Cube+ gives a nod to Polaroid’s history in it’s design, especially with it’s iconic rainbow stripe, whilst stepping forward into the future. Acknowledging their past, whilst challenging innovation and progress has brought the Cube+ to the to vie with the leaders in the field of action cameras. It is able to offer a quality 8MP camera with digital image stabilization and seriously good 124° wide angle lens in a package that’s basically just 35mm – cubed.

High-End Video

The HD 1440p video function of the Cube+ is at the top end. Remember you are filming future memories here. The Cube+ works, and works well, capturing up to 107 minutes of moments that matter, your moments. This functionality, allows you to enjoy the moment, then enjoy it again, and again at will on the highest resolution available today.

Mighty Magnet

Don’t lose the shot, or worse still, the camera! No worries as the Cube+ has a crazy strong magnet in it’s base that ensures that all shots are held tight. In an action camera it’s important that you don’t worry about losing your camera – but even more, by using a magnetic base you’ll have a wide range of surfaces it can attach to easily.

polaroidcubefamillyReassuring Reliability

It is important to have faith in the reliability of your tech. Here, it is much more likely that your nerve will give before the Cube+. The Cube+ comes with no reliability issues and captures your moments for future enjoyment.

Cute Cube

A small, neat cube, the Cube+ is a cute, and fresh looking gadget. At only 35mm x 35mm the Cube+ is easily worn and even comes in a choice of colors. Even the packaging is highly stylish and evokes the fun that Polaroid wants you to think of in considering this action camera.


The Cube+ is a lifestyle action camera in a field largely dominated by the GoPro line of action cameras. The influence of the Cube+’s design is inarguable as GoPro eventually imitated the original Cube in one of their own models.

It’s really hard to final anything lacking in the Cube+. It’s a seriously cool little gadget that will attract attention whenever and wherever you use it.

The Polaroid Cube+ is highly recommended!