iOttie iTap Magnetic CD Car Mount

Finding a 201603301552097136443suitable car mount for your smartphone can be a tedious task. Not only do you have a increasingly wide array of options, but finding one that suits your needs, provides you with a sturdy support and does not bring along secondary disadvantages is the real challenge. Plenty of car mounts available in the market end up hindering the driver’s view, which is a major issue. Also, technical faults may also line up ruining your overall experience with the product. So, keeping all the factors in mind, we present you iOttie iTap CD the perfect magnetic car mount. But don’t just take our word for it; plunge into the details of this neat little gadget and judge for yourself.

CD Slot Mount with a Twist

Plenty of car-mounts offer a CD-slow mounting approach. But many times the grip or CD clamp isn’t strong enough, it’s too large, or the mount isn’t well-placed which ruins the driving experience. If you are going for a drive and accessing google maps on your phone, the last thing you want is your car mount obscuring the view. And while you’re traveling, if a few bumps on the road causes the phone to lose its grip, then there is some serious question regarding your choice here.

iTap takes a step further to make sure that the mount is firm using a magnetic hold. The magnet helps to hold the device steady without requiring clips, clamps or other manual attachments. This magnet uses six rare-earth magnets in combination which makes for a strong attachment of the phone to the mount. It fits perfectly even with a phone case. Accessing Wi-Fi or internet data on the phone remains unaffected, however, the phone compass might be affected by the magnetic field. But the last time we checked, accessing directions have been made easy by Google Maps or plenty other Map-based apps online. So, as long as the internet works fine having slight changes in the phone compass might not be an issue at all.


Looks matter. Period.

If you are given a choice between a car-mount with a crude design, and another with a high-end sleek look, it is no wonder that you would prefer to opt for the second one. Moreover, if the second product is technically efficient the comparison would be non-existent.

With modern looks and a full-360 degree rotation feature, iTap will leave you overwhelmed. It definitely creates an impression with 30% smaller size than its competitors and light-weighted. In a word, the product adds value to your car with flexible rotating angles and adjustable portrait or landscape modes. The iTap mount is small and unobtrusive. Instead of the screw-clamp favored by so many others this uses a subtle lever that works far better.

A Cakewalk for Beginners to handle

For people who are not frequent with the use of a car-mount, this product will surely be the best choice to begin with. Firstly, it almost fits in every CD-slot of any car, so, unless you have a really rare model, you can be assured that the mount will work fine.

It has a unique locking latch paired with connecting arms of silicon which ensures no scratches to the CD-slot. There are two plates – inner and outer, to fix the device with firmness. Inner one lies between the smartphone and case, while the outer is present on the external part of the smartphone. Simple adhesive tapes are provided to attach these plates with the respective parts. There is even an additional plate if you need a stronger fit.

Exciting Extras

Aren’t we always happy with a little bit extra on the plate? Indeed, we are. Apart from using it as a car mount, you can also use it as a simple stand for a suitable view of the phone.

So, next time you are loaded with work and don’t have your hands free to check on your phone, simply add the car mount as an accessory to the table.

201603301552095264439Checking all the right boxes

  • It is super light, only 5.6 ounce which makes it easily portable and the size is smaller
  • Mounting and dismounting are hassle-free
  • Easy 3D Rotation
  • Compact design
  • Affordably priced at only $24


It doesn’t take a gadget genius to realize that the ease of use offered by the iTap magnetic mount compared with its price truly makes it worth having. Car mounts are necessary accessories to make sure of your safety while driving. Indeed, with that innovative magnetic technology iTap seems to be a front runner in the market.

Highly recommended.