Aukey LT-T6 – The Cheap Multifunctional LED Light! 

Afraid of the dark? No need to be with the Aukey LT-T6. This is a bright, color changing light perfect for just about any room that needs a bright light but is awesome as a fun bedside lamp.

This lamp is very, well, fun! With bright, pop colors and a fairly plain profile, the lamp is nondescript but adds a bit of excitement to its surroundings. The lamp is activated by a touch sensor on its base, which is really it’s whole base. It works very well and is very low priced. The touch base is large making it easier to hit, even in the dark. It has three different light settings from soft to bright.

Source: Aukey LT-T6 – The Cheap Multifunctional LED Light! [REVIEW] | The Red Ferret Journal