Good Sync Software Review

If you are like me, you have more than one computer loaded with your ‘key’ data. This is the stuff – without which, I would be truly up a creek. I try to keep my key data – personal and professional – loaded on at least two computers and backed up on either a USB key or an external hard drive. Overkill? Maybe – but I just can’t be too safe. The problem is that I might go an edit the data on one or more of these machines and then forget to copy that file to my ‘main’ computer. How can I make sure that my data is synchronized on every machine, USB drive and external hard drive? That’s where Good Sync Software comes in. Read on to see if this is ‘must have’ for you.

The issue is such a simple one – keeping key data and information up to date on multiple machines. There are many options for the user today – ranging from old fashioned back up, copy and replace to more sophisticated software solutions. The ‘tag line’ to the Good Sync software says it all: ‘File Synchronization that works.’

The official company line is:

  • POWERFUL, INTELLIGENT, AND RELIABLE – Real Two-way File and Folder Synchronization
  • True folder (directory) synchronization with all file modifications tracked in a database to prevent data loss.
  • One-way Synchronization
  • Use one-way synchronization to easily backup and/or restore old files.
  • Synchronize Multiple Jobs at Once
  • You can create as many jobs as you need and can accomplish routine multiple-job synchronization with just one click.
  • Automatic Synchronization
  • A variety of automatic synchronization options include; when file changes are detected, a removable device is connected, a time period has elapsed, on user logon/logout, or on a set time schedule.
  • Customizable Interface
  • GoodSync supports virtually all file systems. Our interface is multilingual and is localized to support more than 20 languages.
  • FLEXIBLE – GoodSync can be used to synchronize data between your desktop PC and laptop, home and office computers, computer and removable devices (USB Key, Flash Drive, CDRW disc), over a local network or the Internet.
  • TRUSTED – GoodSync was developed by Siber Systems, the creators of RoboForm, an award winning password management and form-filling software. RoboForm was named PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice with a Five Star rating and CNET’s Software of the Year.


The setup for Good Sync could not be easier. A very small download from their website – input the registration code and we are good to go.

Ease of Use:
This is often the ‘make or break’ issue with Synchonizaton software. Some are just too complicated for the average user – others are just not powerful enough to get the job done correctly.

The Good Sync display window is very intuitive and user friendly. Browse the contents of the hard drive you use most (most likely the one on which the GoodSync software was installed) and select a folder (or file) that you want synchronized onto another machine or USB Key. Then, in the right hand window, do the same with the secondary file or folder. In my case, I chose my ‘personal’ folder on my laptop and then chose the same file on a network computer. Its always a good idea to have my resume up to date on both of my main machines. Once I selected the folders I chose ‘Analyze’ at the bottom of the window and it showed me all the files that were not synchronized. I was amazed how quickly the analysis took place. I just hit ‘Synchronize’ and watched and waited. Within a few minutes, all of my files were identical – done over a wireless network on two separate machines. It could not be easier to use.

There are options to customize how Good Sync works and in which language it operates. Good Sync supports over 30 different languages which could be handy to lots of folks. In the ‘options’ screen, the user can adjust not only the language used, but the default profile for Synchronization, the look of the interface and how the event log functions. I really think that for most users, this will be a program that needs little configuration.

Overall Conclusions:

This is a wonderful little utility that I can easily see becoming one of the more ‘invaluable’ pieces of software on my machine. It is so nice when a piece of software does what it is supposed to do and makes life easier and me more productive. If you are looking to make sure your ‘key’ data is up to date on more than one machine – buy this software – Period!

Final Grade: A

Pros: Easy to use, does just what it is supposed to do
Cons: None to speak of

Good Sync can be purchased at for $19.95

Written by Gary