OAKLEY THUMP digital music eyewear

So, you hop on your board and pull a nose wheelie for 50 meters. COOOOL! Then while riding that rad halfpipe, you think it would be So AWESOME if you could just jack into some tunes. Oakley is a sports company that makes various Accessories for sports activities. Some of these are electronic. And the toys I’ll be introducing is Sunglasses that let you play music files. On the site you’ll find bio’s of the “team” indulging in their various Extreme Sports (yes, that includes golf). So they live what they sell – even wearing these sunglasses. AWESOME!

This model come with either 512 MB or 256 MB of Solid-state NAND flash memory. A single charge can play your music up to 6 hours. The glasses weigh less than 1.8-ounce so you don’t feel like you are wearing an orchestra on your face. You don’t want anything interfering with your eXtreme Sports! Use the included High Speed USB cable and transfer songs OR data files from your Mac or Windows PC and carry your files anywhere. Home or halfpipe.

Now, with these glasses you have a choice of 1 GB, 512 MB, or 256 MB. As in the previous model this one also has 75MHz DSP with 18-bit Sigma Delta DAC for state-of-the-art audio fidelity and custom Mylar speakers that are designed with three directions of movement to fit any ears. The Thump2 has three-color indicator light so you can easily check the battery level. Thump2 can read .m4a files. So those of you out there with MACs can transfer your CDs using iTunes to your hearts’ content!

This model lets you use third-generation Motorola wireless Bluetooth technology. Cowabunga! This is quite useful if you have a cell phone that uses Bluetooth. Plus, if you need corrective lenses, these glasses come customized with your Prescription!

Written by Cecilia