ifrogz case for ipod video and ipod Nano

We have seen so many possible ways of carrying your ipod with style on these pages and all over the net. Ipod cases have become their own industry – many cases costing upwards of a hundred dollars or more. In steps a newcomer – ifrogz with a $24.00 solution that may be the best on the market.

Interested? Read on. Here is the ‘official line’ of the ifrogz website: . ifrogz(tm) headquarters are located in Cache Valley of Northern Utah and its warehouses ship to thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world who ordered wristbands from our Reminderband.com website. To our many fantastic customers, we at Reminderband(r) and ifrogz(tm) must give our heartfelt thanks. It is ultimately because of you that we have enjoyed such great success and you’re continued support has enabled us to be able to develop ifrogz(tm). Our goal is to surpass the quality, style, and service offered by our competitors in the iPod case industry.

What you get:

First off, I would like to say that the packaging of ifrogz is quite possible the most creative and best I have seen for an ipod accessory. Each component is in a zip-loc plastic bag – no scissors, no security devices, no shrink plastic – just pull and open. Inside you get the silicon case, band protectors (I got three with the nano case,) a quality screen protector with cleaning cloth and flattening tool and two wheel protector stickers. The beauty of the ifrogz design is that it is totally customizable – you pick the color, the band color and the stickers you want on your wheel. There are almost a million different combinations from which you can choose – almost assuring that your case will be a one of a kind.


The design of the ifrogz case is very straightforward – a thick silicon case into which the ipod slips is the foundation of the design. The rubber bands go around the outside for fashion and protection in case the ipod should drop. The user affixes a thick screen protector over the entire face of the ipod and smoothes it out with the included, almost SD card looking applicator. After the screen protector is put on, the click wheel sticker is applied over the screen protector and the ipod is inserted into the case. Put on the band and you are ready to roll.

My only qualm with the design is that with the band around the outside, only the headphone jack is accessible. The band needs to be removed in order to get to the dock connector.


I was thoroughly impressed with how well this case was made and how much thought went into the design and even the packaging. Everything fit perfectly and I cannot say enough about how thoughtfully it is all put together.

Over all Conclusions:

This is one of the most well thought out after-market ipod solutions out there. You can spend four times as much on a case and not get all the nice touches that ifrogz puts into this design. I wish I didn’t have to remove the band to charge the ipod, however, that is my only fault with this fun, highly customizable and economical solution for the ipod.

Final Grade: A
Pros: unique, highly customizable, affordable, fun, great packaging
Cons: can’t charge the ipod while the outer band is attached

ifrogz is available for the amazing introductory price of $24.00 at www.ifrogz.com

Written by Gary