Non-Phone Handheld Market Decline Continues

The latest study from IDC shows a continuing decline in the ‘non-connected’ handheld computer market. This marks the ninth quarter in a row, of declining sales of PDAs without some form of phone functionality.

‘After nine consecutive quarters of year-over-year decline, many are wondering how long this trend will continue, and whether the market will see a reverse,’ noted Ramon Llamas, research analyst with IDC’s Mobile Markets team.

‘IDC believes that the market will eventually hit a size where the rate of year-over-year decline will slow to a sustainable level. That size has yet to be determined, but will be sustained by the core users of handheld devices as well as the enhancements found on these devices,’ Llamas added

On the flip side of this story, sales of converged PDA/phone devices such as the Palm Treo line and various other Windows Mobile, PalmOS and Symbian phones, continue to surge So what do you think? Do non-phone PDAs still have a place in the market? Or will they be completely edged out by Smart Phones and Ultra-Mobile PCs?

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Written by Nate