Helio Launches Multimedia Mobile Phone Service

Helio mobile phone service plans offer unlimited data, text messaging, picture messaging, video streaming and internet access. The phone service is integrated with MySpace for instant posting of pictures and content And you can watch all kinds of streaming and downloadable video from the likes of ABC, Fox Sports, FUEL TV, COMEDY CENTRAL, StupidVideos.com, WireImage.com and about fifteen others Helio plans are priced at $85, $100, and $135 a month and phones are on sale now

While Helio positions themselves as a popular service for teens, it will be interesting to see just who their products catch on with The two phone models currently available certainly look sleek The Hero, pictured here, is pretty innovative looking and the the Kickflip seems to have an iPod look to it, so it may become popular in teen circles Will this new service herald the future of mobile multimedia? Visit helio.com for more info.

Written by Nate