Robosen Robotics Teams Up with Hasbro to Introduce the World’s First Auto-Converting Decepticon – Megatron

Combining Robosen’s Expertise in Robotics with Hasbro’s Iconic Franchise, Megatron Promises an Immersive Experience for Fans

Robosen Robotics Innovation, Inc. has announced a significant collaboration with Hasbro, unveiling the world’s first auto-converting Decepticon leader – Megatron. The reveal occurred during a Hasbro Pulse Fan Stream, marking a significant milestone in robotics and entertainment.

After several years of development, Robosen Robotics has achieved a remarkable feat of engineering: Megatron, the antagonist from the TRANSFORMERS universe, now stands as a tangible marvel. Through a fusion of cutting-edge technology and proprietary servo motor technology, Megatron seamlessly transitions from robot to tank with a simple command via app or voice activation.

Innovative Features

The Flagship Megatron features a range of functions designed to engage fans. Standing at 21 inches tall, Megatron is powered by 36 servo motors and 118 microchips, with a sleek silver-metallic finish. Additionally, the integration of Mini-Theater within the app allows users to create engaging narratives, while the authentic voice of Frank Welker, the original voice actor of the 1984 G1 Megatron, adds a sense of authenticity to the experience.

A Collaboration of Visionaries

The partnership between Robosen Robotics and Hasbro signifies a convergence of two companies dedicated to entertainment and technology. With the release of the Flagship Megatron, both companies reaffirm their commitment to delivering experiences that resonate with fans globally.

Looking Ahead

As Megatron makes its debut, it heralds a new era of interactive entertainment. Robosen Robotics continues to lead in consumer entertainment robotics, bridging the gap between imagination and reality with each innovation.

With the Flagship Megatron now available for pre-order, fans anticipate the opportunity to welcome this iconic character into their homes. As the TRANSFORMERS franchise celebrates its 40th anniversary, the release of Megatron stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of these beloved characters.

About Robosen Robotics

Robosen Robotics Innovation Inc. is a leader in robotics, specializing in digital drive technology, artificial joint driving algorithms, force feedback technology, artificial intelligence, and programming.

About Hasbro

Hasbro is a toy and game company dedicated to entertaining fans through storytelling and play. With a portfolio of iconic brands, including TRANSFORMERS and NERF, Hasbro brings joy to fans worldwide.