Sportster 4, Siriusly Small

Those planning on getting a Sirius radio should check out the new Sportster 4 which should be available later this month. It has similar features as the Sportster Replay and my Starmate. One of the things I like doing is pausing the broadcast in case I get interrupted. This way I don’t miss a thing! These radios can record about 40 minutes. When I’m ready to listen again, I push the play button and away I go!

For those sports nuts among you, you can use the Game Alert(TM). Store your favorite teams and as soon as they start playing, the radio alerts you and, away you go! Ra ra, sis boom ba! You can store favorite artists, songs and programs for those alerts! I’ve got my radio programmed to turn on at 6AM on channel H100 every weekday morning. ‘Hello, Hello!’

Like several existing Sirius radios it can be used in a car and moved to home. Plug and Play. Check out my tutorial for details on how you can do this.

What makes this new radio different is it’s small package. It’s 4.5′ x 2.5′ x .6′ and weighing 4.2 ounces. The Sportster4 is 40 percent smaller than the Sportster Replay. And it still has a reasonably easy to read 6-line scrolling display. Very important for those with aging eyes or old glasses. It also has a ‘retro’ rotary tuning knob. One new feature is an auxiliary input for MP3 players.

Written by Cecilia