Should Journalists Use the VectroTEL?

The Swiss are fighting back! vectroTEL X8 is a Tri-Band 900-1800-1900 Mhz cell phone which can make calls that are encrypted. This is to prevent someone from either tapping into your call while you are on the air or accessing the telephone network you phone is connected to. This only works with another vectroTEL phone, but you can certainly make unencrypted calls to any phone at any time. Your GSM provider has to activate the ‘Data Channel’ through which the encrypted calls can travel on their merry little way. Plus, if you call a colleague in another country you’ll only be guaranteed a secure call if the Roaming Agreement between the two Providers is dancing to the same song. So to speak.

Each encrypted call uses a software ‘key’ which is calculated for each new call and discarded after the call ends. A ‘crypto module’ is used for this purpose. It’s the size of a miniSD card and is inserted into the bottom of the phone.

Ok, so this doesn’t sound so easy. But, heck, if it was then criminals and politicians would all have one as well. Right? Plus, be careful who is hovering around while you whisper into your phone. Ya know?

While this phone can make James Bond happy, what about normal phone features? There’s an organizer for synchronizing your address data with Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. You’ve got a 1.3 megapixel camera for taking stills and videos. Record your voice (I love this feature on every phone!) There’s a currency converter, which makes sense since many owners of this phone will be travelers. The USB Cable is for managing those secret photos and videos as well as the contact list. And you get three Battery chargers. One is 12V with cigar lighter connector, another is 110V/250V with multi country plug. And the other is a 110V/250V with EU plug. Yup! This phone is for Travelers! And people who don’t want to be Outed.

Seriously, concerns over our right to privacy in the wake of the NSA domestic spying revelations are higher than ever. The USA isn’t the only government in this sorry planet that is interested in tapping your calls to mother (who they suspect is an Al Queda cell member) or to your boss (who you suspect). A device like this, paired up with a similar device, are one of our ways of fighting back against an overly intrusive government.

Check out the vectroTEL X8 by clicking on the name to travel to their web site.

Shh! Loose lips sink ships!

Written by Cecilia