Real World Golf

Imagine playing a round of golf in your living room Just swing at your full speed and don’t’ worry about breaking windows or collectibles. Sound crazy? Well, it might, unless you were playing Real World Golf from MadCatz and developed by In2games limited.

Read on to see just how much fun you can have while playing golf in your home. I love to play golf. I just don’t always have an extra four to five hours in my day (or the extra $100 in my wallet) to just go out and play whenever I want. I do enjoy
a round of Tiger Woods on the PC or the PSP – but it just isn’t like ‘playing golf.’

Along comes Real World Golf from MadCatz. With Real World Golf and the included ‘Gametrak’ simulator – it is about as real as it gets.

What’s in the Box?

What you get is the game itself (Ps2, Xbox or PC) and the Gametrak system which is black box with two gyroscopes connected by string to gloves that you wear. In front of the Gametrak there is a foot pedal which is used as the ‘control’ button.


The Gametrak system and the game were very straightforward to set up. Just plug the Gametrak system into the console, insert the disk with the game and follow the calibration instructions on the TV. The calibration system asks you to strap on the gloves (connected to the Gametrak) and put your hands on the top of your head. Then you ‘address the ball’ to set your stance – with the foot pedal between your feet – and you are set to go.


The actual graphics and game choices are nothing spectacular in this game. It is the interface that separates this game from every other golf game out there. You navigate through the screens by raising either your left hand (to move the menu screens to the left) or your right hand (to do the opposite.) You pick your game – you can choose from 10 18-hole golf courses and driving ranges. The game includes career mode, championship play, 4-player tournament challenges and more.

In career mode – you unlock new courses to play if you shoot a low enough score. The driving ranges give you targets to aim at and there are also ‘Party Games’ when you have more than one person playing.

What is very hard to describe, yet it is the selling point of this game, is the use of the Gametrak system. Once the gloves are on and the system calibrated – you become the golfer on the screen. When you take you backswing – he takes his. When you follow through – so does he. If you come across the ball – you slice it. If you bend your knees a bit and strike downwards – you can take a divot and put spin on the ball – simply amazing.

I have never had so much fun playing a video game in my life – never. I was swinging away for hours trying to ‘work the ball’ and lower my score. I wish there were more gameplay options – but I found myself just enjoying playing a round by myself. The Sound effects were very good and it was peaceful listening to the birds, airplanes and all too infrequent applause from the crowd.

Over all Conclusions:

This is not the prettiest game out there – but it is by far the most fun – and isn’t that what it is all about? You actually feel like you are playing golf in real time when you are at home. Once you master the learning curve – you are off on the links – escaping your world and entering Real World Golf.

Final Grade:

Pros: Just too much fun, easy to set up, replay value is off the charts, reasonably priced

Cons: Graphics are sub-par, learning curve is a little steep

Real World Golf is available at or for a very reasonable $69.99

Written by Gary