Hitch your USB Transfer to This Star

Now that USB is – literally – ubiquitous it sure is sweet being able to move files from one USB device to another any ol’ time one has to. Generally, this happens when one has a computer around and you need to download your fantastic pictures to the PC. Or, maybe you would like to copy an MP3 song onto your phone. And so on. USB: It’s a good thing (as Martha Stuart would say).

OK, so what happens if you’ve got a couple of USB devices, but NO computer around? It’s been known to happen. Whip out a Sima USB-101 Hitch USB Transfer device. Attach each of the other USB devcies on either side of the Hitch. That can include MP3 players, thumb drives, digital cameras and even iPods(r). Using the scroll wheel on the front of the Hitch, select any files for transfer and which direction the transfer goes. The LCD Displays clearly shows what is stored on each device. Hit the transfer button and the files speed over using up to USB 2.0 .

What I find cool is that this device is using Linux. And Sima will be making a software development kit available in the future. So all the geeks will be jumping for joy.

Written by Cecilia