The Power of Portable Cell Rechargers

The ability to recharge and continue using your cell phone (or PDA’s or MP3 player) is certainly important. I don’t need to explain that! So I noticed there’s been more and more devices dedicated to satisfying this important need. Motorola has made a USB unit called Portable Power P970. It’s a 1700mAh rechargeable battery toped off with a USB port. At home, sup up the battery. When it’s time to travel, take this fully charged unit and when your cell or other device needs some juice, just connect to the Power P970 and add some life to your toys.
Another alternative is the Solar Style SC003 Solar Charger. From the name it should be obvious that this clever unit used solar panels to capture energy from the sun. It can supply juice for some MP3 players and a certain PDA’s. It comes with Connectors for Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony-Ericsson phones.
The 600mAh battery can store extra energy for later use.

See the pretty solar panels? Really, this is a cool idea. It’s a very planet-friendly idea. Another one of those solar energy ideas who’s time has more than arrived.

Written by Cecilia