Details of Next Generation iPod Available

Thanks to ilounge and the Apple Insider, we got the links to the actual patent filed by Apple for what looks like the next Generation iPod. Read on for more pictures and information.

The patent application was published way back in September, but it surfaced on July 20th on the US Patent Office website. The key feature is the title of the patent requested: ‘Proximity detector in handheld device.’

The Proximity detector seems to be a ‘virtual’ touch wheel that appears wherever the user makes contact with the ‘touchscreen’ on the yet to be released iPod

The documents detail lots of technical information and diagrams This should spark some interesting discussion on the web We’ll see how long it will take Apple to confirm or deny what is in these documents.

All of the pictures from the patent application and explanations can be found here:

The full patent application can be found here:

Written by Gary