The View from the Roadmaster VR3

While we all love our toys and gadgets for fun, entertainment and even work, sometimes it’s good to have technology actually be useful in saving lives. It’s sometimes complicated to effectively accomplish. Just look at the sad situation with airport “security”. While I celebrate the recent capture of criminals in England who wished to disrupt and kill lots of people by secreting explosive liquids in carry-on luggage, I have to wonder about the reaction!

We can’t take innocuous liquids, laptops, etc with us on planes in the UK. I am not interested in being treated like a criminal just because there’s a few nut-jobs out in the world. There Really has to be a better more elegant and less intrusive solution to this than treating every passenger as a potential wacko.

Ok, end of rant. So what has this to do with the Roadmaster VR3 Wireless Backup Camera?? Well, it’s a nice solution to a problem which actually can prevent horrible accidents. For various reasons people seem to like having large cars like SUV’s, mini-van’s and even trucks. I guess it’s partly related to having children. Can you guess I don’t have kids or a car? Despite this I still don’t want anyone getting hurt. I’m funny that way.

Roadmaster USA Corp has made a camera that can be installed by any carowner themselves. Mount the lens on the bottom of the rear license-plate so you can get a good view of anything around the back of the car while backing up the vehicle. Place the 2.5-inch color LCD screen on your dashboard or visor. Where ever it will fit best for viewing. The camera can be activated only when the car is put into reverse or be on at all times. It’s up to you. It’s only about $149. Now that sounds like as elegant and simple a solution for preventing tragedy as ever I’ve heard. Ok, the problem may not be anywhere NEAR as complex as airline security, but when it comes to saving lives every solution is welcome!

Written by Cecilia