Was that your DV Cam or your N93?

A few months back Nokia encouraged users to get creative with mobile photography using products from the Nseries line, now they are doing it again but with video. This is obvious as Nokia is touting the video capabilities of its N93 device.

A new short film, by award-winning actor and film-maker Gary Oldman, shot on the new Nokia N93 multimedia computer premieres today. Entitled Donut, the film is being screened on the Nokia Nseries Studio, an online mobile movie community where aspiring directors can now upload and showcase their own mobile videos. To encourage people to record and share moments captured on mobile video devices, Nokia has created the Nokia Nseries Studio (www.nokia.com/nseries/studio), where from today you can upload your own mobile short films either from your PC or from your mobile device. The site is designed to promote mobile moving making: you can find inspiration from Gary’s film or some of the other videos shot on a Nokia N93 by creative visionaries from around the world, plus new themes to explore with your mobile video device are regularly posted on the site.

The entire press release can be found here

Written by Devin