HealthPia makes a cell phone for diabetics

The husband of a friend of mine – how shall I politely say this? – has been somewhat portly most of his life and several years ago developed Diabetes. He’s lost some weight, takes medication and seems to be doing better, fortunately. But this issue appears to be turning into a near epidemic in the United States. The solution should be that Americans improve their diets and general lifestyle, but this site is concerned with devices that can help people in their daily life.

HealthPia has done just that for the growing diabetic population. They have combined the ubiquitous cell phone with a glucometer and software that can manage ones’ medical needs.

Measuring blood sugar levels is important and being able to do this with a device that you will be carrying anyway means not having to lug around more stuff. Record your test results for constant daily monitoring. The software lets you manage your diet by calculating the calories and getting access to advice from the HealthPia data center. In fact you can login to the Data Center anytime from the phone via one key press. Similar to one’s voicemail, actually. When one has a serious medical situation, your doctor is the main source of consultation, but it’s nice to have additional help 24/7 that’s as close as one’s phone. File this one under, ‘technology does good’

Written by Cecilia