New Treo to debut on September, 12th

It all the buzz on the internet is true, Palm will unveil one of the new Treo Smartphones on September 12th. This is great news…..if you live across the pond, as this will be a European exclusive. Read on for more. A Palm spokeswoman told Reuters, ‘The announcement is going to be made in the U.K. on September 12, and we will give all the details then, but at the moment all we are saying is that it will be out before the end of the year.’

The rumors seem to indicate that Vodafone will be releasing this Treo. It is said to run on Windows Mobile 5.0 and has no external antenna. ‘Partnering with Vodafone, a world-class mobile operator, is a significant step to accelerate our geographic expansion and serve more European customers,’ said John Hartnett, Palm senior vice president of worldwide sales and customer relations. ‘This collaboration will provide a powerful tool for enterprise customers that delivers on the Palm promise of ease of use and lets mobile professionals be fully productive away from the office.’

Also rumored is a Treo 700 W ( maybe called something else) for Sprint by the end of August.

The new700W is said to have double the memory (64MB vs. 32MB) and may launch as early as August 27 for business users and September 3 for everyone else.

Stay tuned for more information

Written by Gary