Instant Replay – Hunting and capturing with binoculars

Bushnell is making binoculars combined with a digital camera. This is certainly a clever idea especially if you are in a situation where you just would rather not carry additional equipment.

Of course, Bushnell has a reputation for making very respectable binoculars. The “included” camera is fairly decent as well. A 3.2 megapixel CCD sensor means it’s above MY minimum MP for any sort of functional digital camera. Using the binocular you’ll be able to look at your wild birds or local football player at 10x magnification. The camera goes up to an 8 power magnification. The camera has a preset focus. This means your best pictures will be at a distance of 40 feet and more. No closeups with this device. Which makes sense, of course. Why would you need binoculars if you could get close up??? I just happen to like taking close ups with my (regular) digital camera. But the Bushnell model is not for that type of imaging. Just so you know.

The available resolutions for this camera are 1600×1200, 1280×960, 800×600, and 640×480. There’s 32MB Flash Memory in the device, but you can add any Compact Flash Card (Type 1). Any size up to 1 GB! This makes me very happy. Memory cards Good! Flexibility Good!

But, WAIT!! (as they say on those silly TV commercials). Not only can you silently walk up to an endangered species of butterfly and take stills, you can ALSO take movie files (AVI) as it flies away!! Watch that rare flying insect at a res of 320×240, 15 fps, 30 second loop recording.

Now – Run home, plug the binocular into your computer via the USB port and download, download, download! The device will be seen as the normal removeable device per USB. You can use the image software that comes with the package. Or use software that you may already have. Up to you.
I like this idea. Maybe the next time my friend invites me to the local football game this is what I need to get a better view of those tight rear ends. Whata think?

Written by Cecilia