Treo 700 wx Available from Sprint

In what has got to be one of the worst kept secrets in Palm’s history, the often leaked 700wx has finally been released. I feel like we already know everything this phone can do – but there is more to learn and it might just be the Smartphone you are looking for.

Read on for more information. Palm and Sprint have finally let the cat out of the bag. OK, they put the cat back in the bag, scheduled a press conference and then took it out of the bag for everyone to see.
Anyway, it is nice that Sprint now has a better version of this highly regarded Windows Mobile Smartphone than Verizon. It should do quite well…..until the Q hits the Sprint shelves.
Palm’s website has a nice graphic layout which shows all the features of the wx.

1 Antenna
2 Ringer On/Off Switch
3 Status Indicator
4 Phone Speaker
5 Volume Buttons
6 Customizable Button
7 240×240 Color Screen
8 Left Action Button
9 5-Way Navigator
10 Right Action Button
11 Phone/Send Button
12 Start Menu Button
13 OK Button
14 Power/End Button
15 QWERTY Keyboard
16 Phone Dial Pad
17 Writing Stylus
18 Digital Camera
19 Speaker
20 Removable Battery
21 Headset Jack
22 Multi-Connector
23 Microphone
24 Expansion Slot
25 Infrared Port

Here are the basic specs from the Sprint website:

* Digital Dual-Band
* Up to 5 hours continuous digital talk time.
* 5.1′ x 2.3′ x 0.9′ (size comparison)
* 6.4 oz

Wireless High-Speed Data Capable
Where coverage is available, experience broadband-like download speeds using EV-DO technology. The average download speeds range from 400 to 700 Kbps with peak rates up to 2 Mbps.

Microsoft(r) Windows Mobile(tm) 5.0
With great productivity tools for mobile professionals, Windows Mobile 5.0 allows fast access to email; easily transfer your digital multimedia from your Windows-based PC to your device, allowing you more ways to personalize your experience

Web and Email Access
Wirelessly access the web and popular commercial accounts email accounts like AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo!.

Phone as Modem capable
Take advantage of broadband speeds on your laptop by using your Treo(tm) 700wx as a wireless modem. No other hardware is necessary.

Megapixel Camera
Shoot digital pictures with the built in 1.3 megapixel camera with digital zoom lens; use the built-in camcorder to record video clips and set it as a caller ID screen saver.

Essentially, this is just like the 700w for Verizon with two important updates:

1. DUN (dial up network) capabilities allowing you to use the Treo as a dial up modem for your notebook.
2. The available RAM has effectively doubled, giving the user quicker access time to programs and should make for a speedier device all around.

Stay tuned for more details.
Pricing is $499.00 with a two year contract – $549.00 with a one year and $649.00 with no contract.

Written by Gary