Philips messageboard concept – keepin In Touch

At the moment this is just a crazy idea over at Philips but it has some merit. They are selling this LCD message board for use by families, but I think it may be better for a large office, hospital or other work environments where people move around. To me it sounds like a really big communal phone. Shaped like a big flat screen on the wall.

Well, the way it’s supposed to work is that everyone in the family (or office) has their picture scattered around the screen. If you want to leave a message for person X, touch their thumbnail with your finger and speak your audio message. If you need to write or draw the message use a stylus. You can record a video message of yourself standing in front of the LCD. Now any message can be stored in the board for all and any to see when they visit the ‘In Touch’ board, or you can send it to any and all members. You can also send MMS or SMS messages. See, I was right, this is a really big flat phone used by everybody. Unless you are The Jetsons I don’t see most familes running out to get this. But I do think this could work very nicely in certain businesses.

Written by Cecilia