Flushing out the iCarta iPod dock

File this under, ‘Ya gotta be kidding me!’

For those people who JUST CAN’T KEEP AWAY from their beloved iPod, they can now cuddle with it in the bathroom. Oy gevald ! As we say in New York. Not only does this iPod dock hold toilet paper, it’s even got 4 speakers (two woofers and two tweeters). Can you believe it? Moisture-free speakers, no less.

BUT WAIT!! The dock charges the iPod while you sit and wait. And listen. Who the hell stays in the bathroom long enough for a song? Well, if you go in for a shower this might be useful. In any case, you need to plug this device it an outlet, so if you use one of those outhouses you are s#!t out of luck.

It’s not for everyone, but if you love you iPod (various models fit in this dock), it might come in handy.

Written by Cecilia