The USBCELL flips its lid!

Batteries are the ultimate in portable energy, right? Little round tubes of fun! And rechargeable batteries keep on giving. So how about batteries that you can recharge by plugging them into a USB port?

The USBCELL batteries only come in AA size at the moment (but other sizes and types are promised) and have a capacity of 1300mAH. There’s a built in USB connector and charger in this small package. No need to be encumbered by carrying extra recharging devices. The convenience becomes obvious not only during travel, but when visiting others. These days nearly Everyone has at least one USB port lying around! Ok, my mother doesn’t. But that’s unusual these days.

If the battery is empty it will take about 5 hours to charge. Just watch the light at the end of the battery and when USBCELL is fully charged the light should go off.

Naturally, any computer including laptops and games consoles can be used to recharge these special batteries. USBCELLs should be charged only in externally powered USB hubs to ensure enough available energy.

Another interesting bit of info concerns the UK company that makes these batteries. They wish to encourage users to recycle their used USBCELLs instead of throwing them away. If you reside in the UK just send your batteries to them free of charge. I know there are places in the US that accept batteries for disposal. It’s nice to see companies being responsible like this.

Written by Cecilia