Route 66 Introduces Portable GPS

ROUTE 66, the personal mobile navigation specialist, has announced the launch of Chicago, a series of four ultra slim design portable car navigation systems. Named after the first city along the famous highway ROUTE 66 in the United States, the Chicago suite marks the entry of ROUTE 66 into the portable car navigation systems market. With its screen size of no less than 4.3 inch, its thickness of only 24 mm and its weight of just 210 gram, the Chicago is among the slimmest and lightest widescreen portable car navigation systems currently available on the market. Standard the Chicago comes equipped with an extensive set of features, such as two- and three-dimensional maps, day view and night view, free safety cameras in most of the countries of Europe as well as advanced infotainment features like a MP3 player with earphones.

The Chicago comes in four different flavours. Equipped with a detailed country or regional map which is embedded in the European major roads map, the Chicago 6000 and 7000 are targeted at the regional traveller. The Chicago 8000 and 9000 are equipped with the detailed map of entire Europe and are therefore meant for the continental traveller.

In addition, the Chicago 7000 and 9000 support free traffic information in many countries of Europe by means of an integrated RDS-TMC receiver. Next to the Chicago suite, ROUTE 66 also introduces a ‘Map of Europe’ DVD which enables Chicago 6000 and 7000 users to upgrade their navigation system to the entire territory of Europe.

‘With more than ten years of experience in personal mobile navigation, our entry into the portable car navigation systems market is a logical next step for us’, said Job van Dijk, Chief Commercial Officer at ROUTE 66. ‘With the Chicago we have succeeded to bring a portable car navigation device to the market that has not only a wider screen than the competition but that is also slimmer and lighter than the competition. The Chicago even fits in your pocket’.

The Chicago is available in stores near you in early November and on The recommended retail prices of the Chicago suite is as follows:

* ROUTE 66 Chicago 6000 (regional map without traffic information): € 299.95
* ROUTE 66 Chicago 7000 (regional map with traffic information): € 349.95 (€ 399.95 in Ireland, United Kingdom and France)
* ROUTE 66 Chicago 8000 (European map without traffic information): € 399.95
* ROUTE 66 Chicago 9000 (European map with traffic information): € 449.95 (€ 499.95 in Ireland, United Kingdom and France)
* ROUTE 66 Chicago ‘Map of Europe’ DVD: € 79.95

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Written by Gary